Below is the criteria we have for hosting any game, project, or development package. This criteria must be met and kept or we will remove it.
I hate legal stuff, and believe programmers should hold a certain ethical standard. It’s what separates us from hackers. But if it comes to our attention that your game, project or development package contains code or resources from another programmer without permission and/or acknowlodgement, we will remove it. Many of our games will have graphics and music ripped from other commercial games, but never from other fellow programmers within the community. If an accusation is made, we will research and verify it before we stop hosting your file. We will not however censor content, we beleive in free speech, no matter who it offends.

Game Hosting
This is the criteria that must be met before we will host your game. If this isn’t met we will let you know and even offer you suggestions on how to meet these.
All games must be included as a self installer package. I recommend getting used to that fact even if you decide not to let us host a game. It is simply more professional.
Size Restriction
We will only allow files that do not exceed 64Mbs. This seems like a reasonable size limit for free-ware 2d games, and if your file exceeds this, we are sorry.
We will only except games that are the final release, for we will not update the file after being added, unless under extranous circumstances. For instance you have a fatal bug that only happens on certain machines, but you have fixed it, then we will update. But not because you decided to update something last minute.
As mentioned above in the legal we will remove any game that robs from other programmers. We will make an exeption for graphics and music ripped from commercial titles, because honestly we do that to some extent. But if this causes a legal issue, we will immediatly remove the file from our server. Also we will, under no excptions tolerate the stealing of other code or resources from fellow programmers, unless you have their permission to do so. This is immediate grounds for removal.
Game Style
We are a 2D gaming site, for we will only host other 2D games. The only exception to this is if the 3D game is made in such a way that it has a 2D playing style, like Duke Nukem Manhatten Project.
We do not censor. We believe in anything the programmer creates to be sacred to themselves. We accept any game from the rude and violent to the children’s learner. We won’t even post a message for adult content next to the game, that is up to you if you deem it necessary. We believe that parents are in charge of protecting their own children, not us.
For example, if your game has nude nuns on pogosticks screaming obcenities as they hurl (female pleasurement devices) at you, we will host it. No questions will be asked and no judgements will be passed. If this idea offends you in any way, we will not apologize for it, this is a huge world and it takes more than one type of person to make it go around.

Developer Hosting
This is the criteria that must be met before we will host your development package. If this isn’t met we will not host it and even offer you help to remedy the reasons why not.
We accept any form of compression, but we recommend keeping it to a common standard. Common standards include but are not exclusive to: zip, rar, and ace. These are the most common and each have their benefits.
Size Restriction
We will host a development project as long as it doesn’t exceed 16mbs. Honestly though if you have a development package larger than that, you should divide it up a bit or should have less resource intensive tutorials and references.
We understand that libaries are constantly being update, so we accept any version and release. We will update if you tell us to, just send us the new pacakage and info.
If we discover you infringe on licensing with any of your code or libaries, we will remove it. There is no exceptions to this.
This is a 2d gaming site, so your package should be geared towards 2d programming. We will not host any 3d packages, unless it’s of the old school type(raycasting, polygon-fill).
What We Need
If planning on letting us host, you need to give us the package, some general info about it, and all the stats. Basically: Your author name, date, version, release, language, requirments, included, and refernces.

Project Hosting
This is the criteria that must be met and kept before we will host or keep hosting your project. If we choose not to host your project, we will let you know why. If you choose to stop hosting your project, we will also let you know why. We will never leave you hanging.
Project Definition
A project can be either a library or game you are working on. But it has to be a definitive project, we will even host tutorial projects, if you are creating a group of them.
Working Demos
If your project has working demos, we will host them and put them within the information of the project. But they have to work.
All projects must pertain to 2d programming in some fashion, or even some old school 3d if you wish.
This is the listing information we need initially and what you can update. We need the name, a description, release version, language target, date started, date ending, progress so far, notes(what you are doing currently), and any working demos you might have. We will include an update date as well as your email with the project, and even your web url.
Updating a project
It is up to you to get a hold of us to update your project. I am not going to troll around to all these different sites looking for current updates. These project listings will only update when you let us know. Just tell us which of the listings you want updated.
Projects will be removed under a few conditions. First, we will remove a project if you tell us to, either your done or you dicontinued it. Second, if you haven’t updated a project within 45 days, we will contact you and get an update. If no update is given, we will then remove it.

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