If you just have a general question relating to code, please ask away! Even something that you don’t feel comfortable with posting in public via comments or you have a project/game that you wish to have posted then please by all means contact us. Also for all questions or suggestions relating to the site, please ask for Chris.
Join the Team
If you wish to become a member of DaBooda gaming, simply drop me an e-mail. I will need of course a blurb, and a Facebook and/or LinkedIn page if you have one. Note that becoming a member might possibly mean people will contact you and ask you (!GASP!) questions.

Andrew “Dabooda” Stickney


I am the original author of DaBooda Turbo (VB), DaBooda HGE Wrapper for FB, DBOS, and the Gemini Project. I have a strong addiction to coffee and nicotine. I swear like a sailor and have been a democrat since I burst from the womb. If you have any questions whatsoever, drop me a line. I ramble (always) but I will try my best to answer your question.

Email: dabooda[at]dabooda[.]org

Chris “Crysstaafur” Bennett


I am one of the few remaining beta testers for DBT when it was beta, author & caretaker of the website, discoverer of pocky :), and the guy who figured out how to get DBT running in Freebasic. I have an addiction to Dr. Pepper and Camel Frost Cigs, I’ve also developed a few add-on modules for DBT, and currently in the works of a DBT frontend for FreeBASIC. Any questions about DBT, the site, projects, games, and applications email or IM me.
Email: crysstaafur[at]dabooda[.]org

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