DaBooda HGE Wrapper for FreeBasicv1.0 (New)

HGE stands for Haaf’s Gaming Engine, and for those that don’t already know, it’s a 2D gaming engine that uses hardware 3D graphics. This allows for very fast graphics with 3D techniques such as Alpha-Blending, Rotation, and Scaling.
I have decided to create a wrapper of my own of HGE for FreeBasic. This wrappper keeps the style more in tune with HGE in C++ for it encompasses all the objects within classes, this way the coding style is similiar to it’s C++ counterpart. The reason for this is for developers to easily translate from the documentation straight into FreeBasic code without any extra calls or having to remember numerous function calls.
You can download this wrapper and find more information on it here.

The Gemini Project

This is my first foray into something different. My goal was to create a fake machine that ran like a video game console. This machine had it’s own specific set of instructions. That is where the language came in, for it was used to create compilable ROMs that could be loaded into the machine and ran.
One day I might pick this up again, but I plan on making a better machine as well as a more efficient language for it. This time it will be done in FreeBasic, with it’s core most likely done in C++. It will be based off the DBOS libary.
Right now I am offering the first machine and compiler. They both come with the source, so if anything it is a great learning tool.

DBMAM Compiler

The original DBMAM compiler written in Visual Basic. I can’t emphasize enough how hard that was, considering Visual Basic has very limited 32bit variable support. The new one will be done in FreeBasic.

Author: Andrew Stickney
Date: N/A
Version: 1.0
Release: Final
Language: Visual Basic
OS: Windows 98+
Download: DBMAM Compiler


This is the one and only machine created for use with DBMAM. It is a text based machine with limited graphic capability. I think its kind of neat and fiddling with it can be fun.

Author: Andrew Stickney
Date: N/A
Version: 1.4
Release: Final
Language: FreeBasic
OS: Windows 98+
Download: Gemini-T Machine


This page contains development packages designed by us and others. These libraries will make your game coding much more simplified and might even get you out of a rut. Our libraries and the others listed are well documented fully functional libraries, but as with everything bugs will be found. If you find any, please contact us and report them as well as ask questions.
In Work
Be sure to check out the Projects page for info and progress regularly for new libraries.
If you have a development package you wish for us to host, please contact us. Of course we will only host a development package if it meets our Criteria.

DaBooda HGE Wrapper for FreeBasic

This wrapper makes programming HGE in FreeBasic an ease. I kept the structure almost(99%) the same as that of the c++ counterpart. This allows for easier coding when following examples or the refernce. This is a must have if you wish to have the power of this nice library in Freebasic.
Author: Andrew Stickney
Date: April 2016
Version: 2.54
Release: Beta
Language: FreeBasic
OS: Windows Vista+
Requires: DirectX 9.0 and above
Libraries: db_hgewrapper.dll, hge.dll, and bass.dll
Contents: Source code(C++), FreeBasic Include files(.bi), and converted tutorials
Reference: Documentation for HGE here

DaBooda Turbo (VB)

Although I have discontinued this library, I still get a lot of requests for it. So here you go, its the total package. The .dll, all tutorials, source, and the reference.

Author: Andrew Stickney
Date: June 2016
Version: 1.8
Release: Alpha
Language: FreeBasic
OS: Windows 7+
Requires: DirectX 8.1 and a decent video card.
Libraries: dbturbo1.4.dll
Contents: Source code (VB), Tutorials (VB)
Reference: included
Download: DaBooda Turbo v1.4 (VB) (1486Kbs)


Below are games or libraries currently in work. I will keep this page updated as much as I can, but if you need to know right away or have any questions just ask us by email.
If you wish to add a project to this page, you can contact us. All projects being added must meet and keep our required Criteria.
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The Links
The following are links that we at DaBooda have found very helpful to us and our goal in making Video Games. Also we like to promote other independent developers, like ourselves. So if you have a site you wish for us to link to, please email us. There is but one condition for us to post a link, it has to be a site that doesn’t promote anything, basically it has to be free software.
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Andrew “Dabooda” Stickney


I am the original author of DaBooda Turbo (VB), DaBooda HGE Wrapper for FB, DBOS, and the Gemini Project. I have a strong addiction to coffee and nicotine. I swear like a sailor and have been a democrat since I burst from the womb. If you have any questions whatsoever, drop me a line. I ramble (always) but I will try my best to answer your question.

Email: dabooda[at]dabooda[.]org

Chris “Crysstaafur” Bennett


I am one of the few remaining beta testers for DBT when it was beta, author & caretaker of the website, discoverer of pocky :), and the guy who figured out how to get DBT running in Freebasic. I have an addiction to Dr. Pepper and Camel Frost Cigs, I’ve also developed a few add-on modules for DBT, and currently in the works of a DBT frontend for FreeBASIC. Any questions about DBT, the site, projects, games, and applications email or IM me.
Email: crysstaafur[at]dabooda[.]org