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The DaBooda Gaming Site is dedicated to 2D game playing and developing. You will not find any 3d games here, so if that is your thing, we apologize.

The goal behind only producing 2D games is to keep the artform alive. We realize that 2D has almost been erased from the gaming scene, and we don't really have anything against 3D. This is for the old-schoolers out there, the ones that grew up with 8-bit Nintendo and the Sega Mastersystem. For those who remember popping all their quarters into standups or even those that remember games that came on diskettes. Please, if you are a game developer, keep or begin again to code games in 2D today.

I have strictly dedicated myself to one language: FreeBasic. This is perhaps the greatest language ever developed, especially for those old school Q-Basic fans. The DBOS libray and the Gemini Project both where created in this.

The Forum
The forum is under construction. However, as I am the only one working on DBG currently, it may take some time or may never come to fruition at all. Apologies in advance.

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Our associates:



This is just the site breakdown, a brief explanation of each section. I just put this here honestly to make the home page bigger.


This is the directory of all the games we have created. Soon I hope there will be other developers games added to this list. Right now there is one sad little game in the list, but trust me there will be some coming.

As of now, it is only a criteria as we are preparing to announce all our supported games in a small group rather than individually,

If you are a game developer looking for libraries to make that task easier, this is the section. This list will grow faster than the game list, because honestly I love developing libraries.

Curious to know what is being currently worked on or even soon to be release. Please check out this section, and do it often.

The Gemini Project
This project is currently halted, but the first machine is still being offered. For the morbidly curious or the developer looking to make there own language and/or faux machine. Then get it now.

You can get our contact information here as well as a brief synopsis of who we are and what we do. Sorry for it being a "post" page and looking much weirder than other "About" pages. Our coding messed up and it's frustrating to fix so we will deal with it for now.

On this page are many links for your viewing pleasure. The links include those for developing, other libraries, and even good old nastalgia of old school systems.

DaBooda HGE Wrapper for FreeBasicv1.0 (New)

DaBooda HGE Wrapper for FreeBasicv1.0 (New)

HGE stands for Haaf’s Gaming Engine, and for those that don’t already know, it’s a 2D gaming engine that uses hardware 3D...

The Gemini Project

The Gemini Project

This is my first foray into something different. My goal was to create a fake machine that ran like a video game console. This machine had...